• Consultant, contractor, and in-house designer — I’ve had experience at big firms and small shops for a range of clients from NGOs to megamanufacturers. I’m constantly building upon my previous experiences and can’t wait for what’s next!

  • Leadership & Colleagues

  • People have a confidence in Matt that he has earned by being highly productive and producing quality work…With very little oversight and creative direction, Matt's able to understand what he needs to do and move projects forward…Matt is very passionate about what he does and always brings a positive attitude to his work.

  • Jorge Fino,
    Creative Director
    Apple, Inc.

  • Matt brings an unparalleled level of intellect for someone at his level. He continually impresses me with his mature sensibility towards design, strategy, and even business. He's continually proven to me that he also has tremendous initiative and strives to learn how to be the best creative with the most intelligent and efficient solutions.

  • Denise Gershbein,
    Creative Director
    frog design

  • . . . In all cases, Matt showed very strong visual design skills and intuition. I found Matt to be very proactive, not only in successfully completing his particular tracks of work but also in seeking out and offering new ways he could contribute to the team and to the work. He's also a very open communicator, unafraid to ask questions and offer opinions and insights.

  • Matt Schoenholz,
    Creative Director
    Xbox (Microsoft)

  • Matt is an amazing designer and was a joy to have in the studio. We worked together on a couple projects and I was consistently impressed by the concepts he generated and his contribution to the team during discussions and critiques. Matt would be a great addition to any team that is looking for prolific ideas, attention to detail and a great collaborator.

  • Jared Marr,
    Senior UX Designer
    Square Inc.

  • Matt is an exceptional designer whose dexterity and skill demonstrate his value as a teammate. It is refreshing to work with a designer who can perform across disciplines with elegance and vision. He is passionate about design (and knows what good design is), quick to take initiative, and a smiling source of inspiration to those around him.