• Born in the south, raised in the mid-west, and currently living life in awe-inspiring Northern California – just the beginning of a long path towards conquering the world.

    The idea of unconditional balance drives what I do and create.
    I am incredibly humbled by the life our earth provides us and the many blessings and mishaps that keep me exploring it.

  • Two Feet

    transport me over San Francisco’s many streets, hills, and neighborhoods.

  • Two Pedals

    get me sweatin' hard up and down those hills my steel frame 1970s single speed japanese bike.

  • Two Wheels

    serve up cage-free carving through turns and exploring beautiful Northern California.

  • Quesadillas

    allow me to wrap my favorite ingredients in the most delicious crispy package.

  • Egg Curry

    with rice, lentils & garlic is my "go-to" staple for a hearty warming meal.

  • Pho

    makes my mouth water and my heart pound for it's wonderful and slurpy nourishing powers.

  • Learning

    and practicing a new trade, hobby, language, or technology satisfies my constant curiosity.

  • Tinkering

    on anything from bikes to vaccuums gives me the greatest sense of accomplishement.

  • Getting Lost

    is the goal of almost any trip or outing I take - surrendering comfort makes a real vacation.

  • Andy

    inspires me through his work, his ethos, and his calling to make and be grateful.

  • Thom

    moves me to be distinct and perpetually creative with the highest level of craft.

  • Haruki

    reminds me to create for and from the soul with his inventive and poetic storytelling.