• Visual Experience Design

    Armed with close to five-years of professional experience and an intensive five-year degree from one of the top design schools in nation (currently ranked third by Business Insider), I've crafted a confident expertise in the development, direction, and execution of visual languages across a spectrum of apps, adverts, commercials, operating systems, and services on most major platforms and form factors.

    • → Visual Language Development

    • → Visual System Extension

    • → Art Direction

    • → Guideline Documentation

    • → Asset Production

  • Motion Design

    The way something moves, acts, reacts, and introduces itself over time often speaks louder than the way it looks or the form it takes. Various professional experiences and a personal penchant for motion graphics and storytelling keep me eager to experiment and apply the concepts of good design in a new and more immersive dimension.

    • → Motion Language Development

    • → Motion System Documentation

    • → Post-Production

    • → Live Action VFX

    • → Storyboarding & Editing

  • Strategy & Design Thinking

    The magic of most design work lies in seeing it come to life but the most rewarding moments happen on pen & paper. Working at a strategic level with some of the top thought-leaders in the industry has truly sharpened my problem solving abilities and proved time and again the value of a solid vision with well-grounded guiding principles.

    • → Rapid Ideation & Sketching

    • → Strategic Positioning

    • → Competitive Landscaping

    • → User Research / Data Synthesis

  • Branding & Identity

    A strong brand is different yet consistent — distinguishing itself from others like it and being consistent enough in that distinction to remain familiar.

    Brands are increasingly realized by their many touchpoints rather than thier established image or legacy. My experience lies in breathing new life into these touchpoints while maintaining power and consistency.

  • Interaction Design

    Every product, be it physical or digital, is both self-explanitory by construciton and presents appropriate inputs and outputs to and from it's user.

    My contribution in architecting complex experiences, designing signature moments, and ensuring micro-interactions feel natural makes me feel highly capable and comfortable working on this other side of the design process.

  • Prototyping

    From front-end web coding to high fidelity motion studies, bringing design solutions to life for testing, validation, or evangalism is one of the most exciting parts of the process.

    Years of experience creating light-weight representations of end-experiences has taught me many ways to reach valuable simulations at a range of fidelities.

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